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Corrie Kinkel
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What, nobody here?

This palette, although it has sort of beach colors, didn’t let me think of the sea, but it made me think of the Blue Herons I have seen nestling in Marymoor Park. I came there almost every day with my daughter walking the dogs. At that time we couldn’t see the young birds but we certainly could hear them. My daughter told me today she sees them now flapping their wings on the edges of the nests; so it will not take long and they all are gone until next year.

I startes with a template from the Mask Workshop, but adapted it for my photos. The background is also a photo used as an overlay and blurred. I am making al sorts of elements from the tutorials and labs. This time I wanted to make letter beads and I used the colors from the palette. For the string and datestamp too. In the Q&A session from last Sunday Carole explained how I could solve the problem with an outline on text. Of course I wanted to show that I’m happy to be able to use it.