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Joanne K
  • 18
  • Rookie

I like doing all sorts of scrapbook challenges, although I have not had a lot of time for them lately.  Like Cassel says, they can stretch your ability or jumpstart a page.  I also like to learn to make my own things, and if that could be included in open forum kind of challenges, that would be great.

Doing a challenge, and seeing how others treat the same challenge, may help increase your confidence.  Even if you aren’t confident enough to post it this time, you may with a bit of practice.  If you aren’t sure about something, you can put it out there, and someone else may pop in and give you some gentle pointers.  Feedback is always a HUGE learning tool.  Sometimes I have trouble finding how to do a step, like the gradient in the  Reflections Tutorial.  I was happy with what I achieved, but I would accept and appreciate anyone telling me where I went wrong.  I also love to look at other people’s pages for inspiration for my own book.