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Sheila Hogg
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I have had a think about this Cassel and I don’t think its so much as what inspires as more of what stops you from creating. Lack of confidence in producing something worthy has been a big stopper in the past and even though I love to have a go, confidence issues still lurk.

Also, because of complicating copyright issues using images from anywhere apart from my own, I shy away from those and use as much of my own creations as possible, as the CR ones can restrict what you use and do with their complicated TOU.

Learning how to make things, brushes, masks, shapes, backgrounds etc is what inspires me as I can use these without fear and the ideas spring into my little head. I really love your monthly seminars Cassell and have learnt so much. Thank you.

I have no idea what progressives, scraplifts, white spaces are but would have a go at them all the same.

Also, knowing what skills people have and are willing to share might be a useful tool to tap into.

Sorry this is long winded.


Sheila xx