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Susan Ewart
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After a good night sleep and nice walk more questions have popped into my head.

If I want to photograph my own elements, how do I take the JPEG photo and get a PNG with a transparent backgound.  (by extracting?)

If I want to photograph textures to use as overlays, how do I make part of it transparent and part of it (the texture presumably) not transparent?

And finally, I looked at the optimizer buttons (JPG and PNG) that I put on my task bar but I don’t understand the options box that pops up that I have to choose.  I don’t know what it all means and what settings I should use.  Does this make a zip file? or just compress it?  I think what I would like to learn is how to put a bunch of large images into a zip file so people can open and see the larger, nicer file than the 600×600 ones I would normally send.  I know, this is probably pretty basic and everyone knows this, except me.  😯

I’m just throwing questions out there, and not all need to be answered at this time.