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Mary Solaas
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Lab 8 Mod 10 – God Spilled the Paint. Learned: 1. Cut Out Elements and fill with background paper and possibly picture tube stuff (the capital letters are cut out to the bottom background layer and Cass gold stars picture tube); 2. Crayon Rub on an extracted leaf (the purple leaf in the bottom right); 3. create a paint shape and place it in the folder for shapes (purple paint shape on top of the paint splatter). The capital letters are font Gill Sans Ultra Bold with the outline at 25. The script letters are Edwardian Script. I inner beveled the script on the white paper and the paint splatter and the paint shape. I used the color replacer tool on the stroke outline, the paint splatter, the paint shape, and the lavender paper. The picture was sent to me from a friend in California many years ago.