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Here are my suggestions to help, when you get your tablet:

– check and adjust the settings for your stylus and your tablet: you might need to adjust the sensitivity, or assign some functions to some buttons.

– find a comfortable position for your tablet; many people use the tablet on the side of their keyboard. See if it works for you. Personally, I found that I needed the tablet in front of me (so I could use my left hand for the buttons). Once you find that comfortable position, you are more likely to use the tablet.

– explore using the tablet with different programs, and see how they behave. Try surfing the net, writing emails, posting in the forum, making selections in PSP, etc. See how you can “right-click”, “click and drag”, how to simulate the wheel from the mouse, etc.

– hide your mouse for a bit; challenge yourself to NOT use the mouse for a week, while still doing your usual tasks. At first, it might feel a bit awkward, so if the mouse is right there, you might revert to the most familiar tool.

Let us know how it goes!