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Yes, a lot of saved time, but not as unique a final product.  That is just gorgeous!   I think the telling thing, though is that you “thoroughly enjoy creating”, while I am looking for the end product, and fast.  No one is going to say to me, “Oh, did you make that yourself?” or “Oh, did you just spend 8 hours putting that one graphic together? I can really tell you worked hard on that!”.

However, if you ever want to share the name of the font carrying the text “is like a” and “capture the good”, and how you were able to add swashes as alternate characters in PSP, I am all ears.  I know Cassel has a class on fonts, but I am going to spring for a few more scripts and then join the Diamond membership (where the class on fonts and swashes is included) after PSP Bootcamp.

For today, I have ruined all my folders of brushes and scripts and am trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  It is not going well.  🙁   So instead of being creative, I’ll spend my 8 hours trying to find all my lost and missing scripts and brushes.

This came in my email last Tuesday — from a hipster photo editing software company. What’s old again is new again.

Hipster Graphic Like SubwayArt Script