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You all are putting me in the shade.  Sadly, I have upgraded from PSPX2 and am in mourning. I have upgraded three times prior to this, but it never “took”.  I kept going back to my beloved PSPX2.  Now, to make it work, I figure I have to switch all my stuff. So here’s what I’m working on, LOL! A tutorial. And it might take me til the end of June, too!  I have a lot of junk.

What I'm working on

However I want to make some comments, and the first is about the BIRDS! Ann, we have Cedar Waxwings here, and they are dull — more of a taupe? I’d say, and much thinner.  Your Merlin birds look like stuffed animal birds, LOL!  No, what I really wanted to comment on was the gradient. It’s gorgeous, and I never  would have guessed it would look so classy.  Your plaid for the Scarlet tanager is classy, too. Veddy nice!

Marie Claire – Didn’t you just love the Mamie Eisenhower bangs?  (And to think Jackie Kennedy was First Lady in Jan 1961  and everything to do with style changed in an instant!) I like the green lines that look handpainted on the embossing, too.

Colin, I really  like what you did with the dogs — their little faces are still perfectly recognizable! That is either a fantastic program or you are really skilled.  (I just hope Picture to Painting is on my new version of PSP!)

Lynda, I didn’t recognize that Word Frame 5 with the title that didn’t match the frame!  I hadn’t even thought of that!

And Mary, you’re the one that puts me most to shame…I just buy something like a brad, or ask Carole for a script. In fact, if I had to make a circle with an arrow, I’d use her Word Frame Round script and a line of arrows I typed. The offset is nasty business.  One little number or two and it’s inside the circle! LOL! I thought your little striped confetti added a lot.

Back to the salt mines of corralling 25 years worth of PSP brushes and presets into their new home.