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Sue Thomas
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Corrie, a beautiful page, very well thought out.  You are right, we did have a numbers challenge Last Sept.  Time slips by so quickly these days.  Pirkko, your  duck page is adorable, there’s something very maternal and caring about watching ducklings keeping with their parents as they glide through the water.

Corrie, Cristina, Libera and last but by no means  least Susan, thank you all very much for your kind comments.  Libera, so wonderful to see you make an appearance, it’s been a while, and you have been missed.  Cristina, by dear friend, you always  say the  kindest of words, and  I hope you  don’t look to closely, as I’m sure there  must be some details, that  are not quite right.  🙂

Aren’t we a wonderful group, as we all enjoy  and appreciate the great outdoors, and everything that it has to offer.  Which goes hand in hand with the projects we  create using PSP.

As I would say in Welsh,  cwtches  i chi gyd (hugs to you all)