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Brian!  That’s amazing, and it all goes together so well! The colors, the styles, the font — it’s just perfect! I never would have thought about weaving anything with the text.  I think you should move those examples to the new “showcase thread” Each element posted separately under the name of the script.  I had never even heard of Copper It!  And I wouldn’t have expected the results you were able to get, and same with Brushed Metal 1.

Ann, it was smart to just leave the spaces open…no way you could get all that text in!  But it makes a nice frame for all that information, doesn’t it? And the little Chimney Swifts at the top are inspired (educational as well as beautiful since they show the silhouette in flight). I went to the Merlin website. I’m going to get the app as soon as I find my phone. (I have a house phone, so the mobile doesn’t get the respect it deserves here. For that reason (that it’s not joined to my body as another appendage) I’m a little worried about accidentally leaving it out in the garden. It would be a few days before I even missed it. I think I have an alarm on it, but that only works as long as it has power…but I’m going to man up, take responsibility, and try to identify some of these bird calls. And owl calls, er, hoots.

Libera, Cassel meant I was invoice 24 in the store, so her 24th order (and 30th, and a few more) was to me. So, not her very first sale, buy early on.

That’s all from me. I am on house cleaning duty this afternoon. :((





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