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Mary Solaas
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Thanks, Lynda.

Back to the labs.  Lab 8 Mod 7 deals in rust.  Well, I did make a rust pattern and was able to copy the rust pattern Carole showed in the pdf for the lab.  A swirly kind of cogwheel was to be made and I put the rust on it as well as leaving one plain so that I could have different colors/patterns.  A repeat pattern was devised to put on paper and color differently so that many colors showed up in the pattern.  All done.  The title font is Bodoni MT Black which I filled with the rust pattern also.  This is a park in Ironwood, Michigan (the UP).  We visited it on our trip to a family reunion. Oh, yes, I also made a pattern of opposing arrows because a paper with that was shown on the layout from which the elements were taken.  That was fun!!! But, now I have the pattern.

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