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Hi, again!

Edited to add Note: It took me so long to type this out, Cassel had posted before me!

I had trouble logging to respond to the comments — I think I have it set now, but only on my big desktop computer.

Yes, I am an old veteran with PSP in general, my first version was JASC freeware, and all I ever did with it was open photos with about any file extension, even ones I had never heard of. The program would open anything!  So many years using it, and yet I doubt I know 1/20 of what you know, Cassel!

Yes! Cassel, if you would set up a main tab, we can add products and samples as we use them, or as we find them (on our hard drives).  Posters should be sure to link to the product because the store search by name will yield lots of choices.  I have examples of about one-third of the scripts in the store because, well, they’re fun. and it’s fun to see how far you can stretch them beyond the obvious.  As Susan already noted, you don’t need any serious expertise, and in fact you don’t even need to use full concentration.  I also have a lot of fonts, and I like seeing them in circles and other shapes and determine their legibility, but I really don’t like setting text paths and/or working too hard, LOL!  (I am a gardener, not a computer person. It just so happens I am more of a computer person than most of my fellow daffodil gardeners!)

Christina, I agree – more sales, but also a heads up to users on the value of less glamorous scripts.  Some of my absolute must-have scripts are ones you might never give a second look at, so I would probably start with those.

I prefer this to facebook I think.







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