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Sue Thomas
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Good morning, I would like you to meet two of my summer friends.  Gerry is quite the character, when I call, and place some  monkey nuts on a tray, he comes. He tolerates my presence as I sit and watch him dine, not to far away, it gives me the opportunity to get some nice close up shots of him.  The same goes for Ollie, he’s the only Oriole, that will come as soon as I have replenished the  oranges with fresh ones, again he to tolerates my presence, whilst I take close up shots of him.

I used 5 photos, 5 frames, and out of bounds technique 5 times.  It was an after thought, that I realized, that I used a technique, and not an element 5 times, so I created the beads, 2×5 of them.  The last time we had a numbers challenge, was several years ago. The challenge was to use 1 similar element 12 times in a page.

Of course the quality of the photos have  been degraded, due to the drastic resizing down.