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fiona cook
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Thank you Carole for reminding us about the competition. As a result, when I started to look through some of my photos I thought they could be of interest and then used PSP to retouch or adjust.

I have now submitted:

1. Jakey my cat looking like he is having a laugh. I made a selection of him using the method Carole used in her Fantasy World 2 class utilising the Edit Command icon in the Layers Palette. I then put him with a Drop Shadow on a new background.

http://What A Laugh! – Corel Discovery Center

2. A White Kruger Lion, resident of Paradise Wildlife Park here in Hertfordshire in the UK. We could take photos from above the railings and his expression was so proud. I loved his mane so I brightened it up a bit in PSP with Adjust\hue & saturation\vibrancy and then used the Depth of Field feature to blur outside of the mane.

http://A good hairday – Corel Discovery Center

3. The amusing southern white rhinos were at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England. I used PSP to brighten them and their background and to remove a distracting rock with Object Remover.

http://Bottoms Up! – Corel Discovery Center