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Susan Ewart
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Wow Sue, your yard must be so fun to watch.  I did put them out today and just got home from work to see two magpies in the bigger one and then a crow after that.  I have 3 depths of baths.  One is big and red. I never thought they’d ever use a red bath but it is the favorite of all the birds.  I had to put a rock in it as I had a sad drowning of a little brown job and it still bothers me.  It was a bath given to me, I’d have never bought a smooth slippery bath like that.  They are crazy expensive.

Marie-Claire, WOWZERS!  your Day 7 pages are awesome.

Mary, I love holidays like that where you stop at cool road side attractions.  I remember that being the highlight of trips with my parents when I little.

Thank you everyone for your wonderfully creative pages and some pages that gave me a glimpse into your life.  Inspiring!