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Sue Thomas
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Susan, a lovely QP of the Robin taking a bath.  My bird baths have  been out and  used a lot by all the birds  arriving for some 6 weeks or so. A present I have 5 baths out . If its going to freeze I will empty them just after dark. From  when the first Robin arrived, each one a different size and depth to cater for  the smallest to  the largest of birds.  The depth of a bird bath will determine which birds will use which bath.  The shy birds   like their baths on the ground, under a canopy of foliage.   Many of my  Robins will take a drink/ bath, and then hop to the feeder for a blueberry or two.  They have become quite predictable.  One  thing I don’t do is put out heated watering bowls during the winter, as  birds have been know to bath, and then freeze their feet to metal.  They are quite adapted to eating snow.