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Ann Seeber
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Susan: That is so cute! I love seeing the birds bathe. I have a birdbath but they’ll only drink from it; no baths and it’s been there for 3 years now!

Here’s my QP7-Extra. I’ve been looking for a way to use this Chuck Calio photo of our nearby climbing area. I used the Adjust Layers on the colors and removed all and then painted some back on using Paint to Target.

Here’s a copy of the wording at the bottom in case the reduced version is too small:

The Shawangunk Ridge, also known as the Shawangunk Mountains or The Gunks, is a ridge of bedrock in Ulster County, Sullivan County and Orange County in the state of New York, extending from the northernmost point of the border with New Jersey to the Catskills. (Photo by Chuck Calio)