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Sue Thomas
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Susan,  I have Oriole feeders,  but I don’t use them, I have  hooks screwed into  tree trunks dotted all over the place, where I  pierce  half an orange on.  You can also put orange halves in  bird trays.  Where ever you put them, the birds and insects will come.  Many other  bird species also enjoy  oranges,  and tuck into them as they are passing through,  also butterflies, bees and other pollinators.  They are a great substitute until flowers come into  bloom.  Personally I steer clear of  feeding  jelly,  as there are invariable some  artificial ingredients in them.   I will boil  old berries from the freezer, to put out, the pith and seeds, they devour the lot, and it’s all natural.

Ann, thank you. I used a font monogram called Chuline, which I edited, after converting it to a raster.  I created the extended lines using the pen tool,  to accommodate the text, before creating an orange  glitter, to colour it, inner bevel.  I didn’t use a drop shadow as the inner bevel was sufficient.  I don’t think there is a tut anywhere, not that I can think of anyway.