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Susan Ewart
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Here are my pages.  One from my color course (#4 or 6 courses) showing a radial palette moving out from White in the Centre, if you could see the white hex as i put my 3D cube ontop for the photo.  Color is 3-dimensional.  Can anyone guess what would be on the corner of the cube not shown.  Bonus points if you know what’s inside the cube, if you were to peel off the 6 faces of the cube(think: desaturated).  In the last course our cubes were 6x6x6 (this one is 4x4x4).  So many luscious hues.  the hexagons are a 2D representation of 3 sides of the 3 dimensional cube.  I love color more than any one should I think.

the second layout is from my nieces wedding in 2017.  It was a rustic outdoor Wedding and this background suited the decor.

Ann, I love your invasion.  Tonight as we were leaving work there were two geese, each on a separate roof of the two warehouses across from us.  they were having quite a conversation back and forth.  A co-worker and I watched it for 10 minutes, pretending to make up the words they could be saying.