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Sue Thomas
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A couple of shots from this morning’s photo opp. I have 3 pairs, and 3 juvenile males.  At the moment they are eating me out of house and home, with oranges.  The Robins, get Blueberries, apples and grapes, which I ration, and not forgetting the ground squirrels they  get carrots, an anything the  birds drop.  They eat better than I do. 🙂  But they are worth it, as they are ever so entertaining to observe. I’m going to give a tip and info. I  noticed that some have used the adjustment layers, to change colours.  Adjustment layers work very much like masks, and I use them a lot. They are best used either on a whole page, which doesn’t have any checker board, (blank spaces) or  using the selection tool, to  edit a specific area. To enable you to go back at a later date to edit, just like a mask, when saved as a PSP. When used on a page which has  checker boards, you have to merge down afterwards, otherwise any images below will also be effected by the  adjustment layer.  Which sort of defeats the object of using   the adjustment layer, as you won’t be able to go back and edit it. In order to save a few steps and time, try the  HSL  under adjust, on the top tool bar, as that tool will not effect any layer below.  If at a later date you want to change the colours of say a QP, you can always use your duplicate image.