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Susan Ewart
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Whew,  Sue you have much finer brain than me to have figured out that orientation.  I did try them all when I first started and I just went with what I found pleasing completely missing the shadows.  Thanks for the instructions, my head was spinning a bit with all the spinning we did with this layout.  I got there in the end!  And boy was it worth it and I’ve learned a lot tonight.

I also followed your tutorial on the QP color change. It was the first time editing a selection so I’m glad I gave this a try.  It was picky going around the plant and I tried one without doing that and saw that it really does make a difference.  Watching a video recently with Carole doing extractions really helped to know that I needed to zoom in and use different sizes of the eraser and had to unerase with right click too.  I did miss some bits but I was wanting to see if I could do it, I would take more time normaly.  I feel on top the of world after a pretty blah day.  Thank you!