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Susan Ewart
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Oh man🤦‍♀️ , and I was thinking, why was it black there? hahaha. Good catch and thanks for noticing, I really need to study everything much better than I do.  Since I watch a ton of Lindsay Adler’s lighting tutorials here is my sweet fix.  I did Mirror>horizontal on the large photo so the window light is now mostly coming in on the right side (camera right).  Sumi cat is being my light modifier (GOBO or flag) and subject (is that even possible) and casting a shadow onto the other 3 photo’s.  the direction of the shadow at her feet are now more correct, shame on me for not seeing that part.  Going forward I will be looking at shadows more closely.

You are going to make a designer out of me yet, and it makes my heart sing that you take the time to really look and help me.  Looking at the two, the second one makes quite a difference in the feel of it.

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