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Sue Thomas
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Sharla,  (76887)  Here are the instructions in point form to change the colour using an overlay colour and the blend mode, which should make it much easier for you, and other rookies to follow.

1 Open a new layer,  flood fill with a gradient or colour of your choice.  Hide the  layer.

2 Select the QP layer

3 Using the magic wand select the checker board, which is the blank area.  Using the settings, add, opacity, contiguous NOT checked.  Use the edit tool to make any adjustments.

4 Select the top coloured layer,  unhide it,  and hit delete. Deselect the selection.

5 Using the blend mode, change the setting from normal to Hue.  You can now add your photo, moving it  below your QP.

And there you have it.   You will find the blend mode and the edit selection  tools  in the material palette, just above the layers.