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I got a weird message when I was saving about losing vector data.  I absolutely had it on save as PSPimage.  I duplicated the layout as back up insurance and then clicked okay on the original layout and it saved okay.  Two things I did was used the script “open as a copy” for the Quick Page and used the eraser tool on the vector (that I turned into a raster).

I am not sure what vector feature is “at risk” when that popup appears, but it is often coming up. If you already saved as a .pspimage, don’t worry about it.

Tricky devils to keep them from overlapping

The tutorial should explain how to avoid the overlap of the images behind the quick-page.

As some have mentioned, Quick-pages SHOULD be quick, and that is their basic appeal. However, with PSP in hand,  a creative user will find ways to make changes and get something quite different. It might no longer be the QUICK page, it was initially intended but with practice, as Pirkko mentioned, you can get very interesting results.

Keep them coming!