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Sue Thomas
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I see now, looking at the quick page, and Pirkko’s screen shot,  although changing the colours of the quick page is a nice touch, it will no longer become a “quick page”. As to  change the colour,  it will involve  using the magic wand to select the  space where the photo is to go, and then using the edit tool, to  remove or add any overlapping elements, then invert, and flood fill with the colour you want to change the  QP too.  Placing that layer above the QP, then apply the blend mode on the  top layer.  If it was a straight forward rectangle  selection, it would be so much easier.  Also, if my memory serves me correctly, if you were to place a photo below the QP,  in the blank area,  the blend mode would also effect the photo if you didn’t remove where the photo is to go from the top colour layer, which the blend mode would be applied too.  This a bit long winded, sorry!