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Susan Ewart
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Wow!  Very creative takes on the pages.  I love the photo’s everyone is using.  Thank you Sharla.  Filter Forge can get addicting for sure and I like that you can still edit further with PSP.  thank you Pirkko and Sue for helping me to achieve better results and being braver in experimenting with PSP…when I know better, I’ll do better, right?  I started watching Blending Through, it’s quite fascinating so far.  And Ann, that sunset is outstanding!  Welcome back Cindy, nice to see you again.

here are my two pages today.  This is Squirrely White Tail.  At first I called him Betty White Tail but then I saw (things humans shouldn’t see 😋 ) that “she” was in fact a “he”.  He first came to the feeder as a youngster in June of 2021 (bottom photo is his baby pict ) and he was in the feeder several times a day throughout summer and winter.  the snow scene the last shots I got of him.  Most were shot through the window so they aren’t great.  We haven’t seen him since the end of 2021.  We are hoping he’s moved on to spread his glorious white tail, feet and belly to other squirrels, and not that the neighbour cat got him like he did “Spider Squirrely”…another of our favorites who was fascinated with my husband.  that’s a story for another time.

The Xtra page is one of my favorite summer shots of him.