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Susan Ewart
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Here’s my Day 2 layouts.  On the tackle box I changed the color with Hue/Saturation and got a color that match the shadows in the photo (enhance with Filter Forge).  Faded Memories was the same truck as Day 1, but this time made to look like an old yellowed photo (Filter forge again).  I turned Quick Page to greyscale, then negative image, hue/saturation, colorize and the bumped the contrast a bit and lowered the contrast on the truck to make it more old and faded looking.

I got a weird message when I was saving about losing vector data.  I absolutely had it on save as PSPimage.  I duplicated the layout as back up insurance and then clicked okay on the original layout and it saved okay.  Two things I did was used the script “open as a copy” for the Quick Page and used the eraser tool on the vector (that I turned into a raster).

Thank you Pirkko and Sue, I will look into that tutorial/masterclass.