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Susan Ewart
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You know the saying…”it takes a village” (to raise a child).  In this case the village is the Campus and I’m the young grasshopper (child).  Here’s a tongue-in-cheek layout of what started my journey into learning more about Data Files in PSP.  I was missing some of the creative content that comes with PSP and through the help of Carole and Campus members Sue T, and Rene M I was able to get my content…and even found a creative pack from another version on PSP and i have that now too.  The stamps and eyelet paper are from the Open House tutorials.  I have much to learn about data files.  I used my brush tool and it was unhappy with me as I seem to have many duplicates (the brush still worked after the initial stink-eye it gave me).  Out of curiosity I told it to save it to the clipboard and I copied it into word thinking I’d just go delete the few copies.  It’s 276 pages in a word doc. 😂.  I think there could be a teachable moment here on how to understand these setting, how to organize and set them up.  Where i had maybe 2-4 items in the file locations list for one of the resources, I now see many locations.  I have lots to learn about this and I think it’s important stuff to know and understand.

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