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On a side note: I shouldn’t really be posting this tech stuff in this forum should I?  This is for the challenge.  I am sorry if that was not correct.  It just came out of a statement I made about not being able to do the eyelet tutorial I had wanted to do.

Don’t worry. Others will benefit from your questions anyways.

Carole, I could use the Vector tutorials to make shapes that I could use as preset shapes, is that correct?


I wonder if I could load the really old programs, I have x4 and x9 ultimate(and possibly 2018 ult), can I copy those preset shapes over to 2022 without having to do an install again and selecting to keep the settings from previous versions?

As for loading older versions, sure you can. I have PSP8 installed on my computer (the old JASC version!). But the best way would be to install that old program and then copy the supplies that come with it, and paste them into a “master” folder. That way, over time, you might only need to point PSP to ONE location instead of multiple, AND it will allow you to uninstall those older versions if you don’t use them otherwise.