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Susan Ewart
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I did get FilterForge and Painter into the plug-ins.  yay, small victory.  Carole, I could use the Vector tutorials to make shapes that I could use as preset shapes, is that correct?  I get what you mean about the numbering, when I saw that I thought it meant it was from corel #11.  So I didn’t think it had anything to do with what I was doing.  I wonder if I could load the really old programs, I have x4 and x9 ultimate(and possibly 2018 ult), can I copy those preset shapes over to 2022 without having to do an install again and selecting to keep the settings from previous versions?

On a side note: I shouldn’t really be posting this tech stuff in this forum should I?  This is for the challenge.  I am sorry if that was not correct.  It just came out of a statement I made about not being able to do the eyelet tutorial I had wanted to do.