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Rene Marker
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Susan, In the past when I’ve had issues with shapes and brushes not showing up, it was because they were in a folder that PSP didn’t look in to find them. I don’t know when but at some time in the past Corel changed the naming structure of the folders when installing the program. I mean who know that “Corel_11” is for Preset Shapes. I sure didn’t. The naming structure used to just be “Preset Shapes” or “Brushes” or whatever!

Under the File Menu, go to Preferences then File Locations. There you can check to see where PSP is looking for the files. At one time stuff was located in the Documents folder under Corel but now it is in Program Data under Corel. So since I have just copied my Documents folder to each new computer, I have added that location under the File Locations (you can have as many locations as you want).

Because of your problem, I just looked at mine and found that the Content from my X8 never got transferred to this new computer. It is now!