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I’m still trying to fix in my mind the mechanics of Layers so I don’t get half way through a project and find myself lost. Do I create a new layer for every element I add to my project? Do I do the same when adding photos? Does each layer need to be a raster layer and a vector one for text?

Yes, if possible, every element, paper and photo should be on its own layer. When you add something new, you typically don’t need to create a new layer because if you use the Ctrl-V command, it is “Paste as a new layer” so it will automatically make them on their own layers.

A. In the screen shot below I ‘lost’ the background paper which I thought was on Raster one (perhaps I deleted in my confused state?)

Yes, you likely deleted it. Remember that if you hit the DELETE key on your keyboard, it would delete the content of the active layer. That might be what happened.

B. I was also trying to move the balloon to the right over the pic, but it disappears behind the image.

It is simply because it is in a layer BELOW something else. Look in the Layers palette, and you can drag that layer above the one that is hiding it.

C. I created a Vector layer to add text, but when I tried to write on it, nothing was showing. As I write this and try to remember what I did, perhaps I did not higlight the Vector layer on the palette before attempting to add the text…

When you add text, you don’t need to create a Vector layer as it will be created for you, as soon as you start typing.