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Sandy Stevens
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Brilliant idea! Here is a couple of questions that may seem so basic to make you giggle.

I’m still trying to fix in my mind the mechanics of Layers so I don’t get half way through a project and find myself lost. Do I create a new layer for every element I add to my project? Do I do the same when adding photos? Does each layer need to be a raster layer and a vector one for text?)

I seem to start off OK and somehow something happens (like I lose a pic, or an added element, or an element goes behind what I created previously, or my multiple layers disappear from the palette…the list goes on.)

A. In the screen shot below I ‘lost’ the background paper which I thought was on Raster one (perhaps I deleted in my confused state?)

B. I was also trying to move the balloon to the right over the pic, but it disappears behind the image.

C. I created a Vector layer to add text, but when I tried to write on it, nothing was showing. As I write this and try to remember what I did, perhaps I did not higlight the Vector layer on the palette before attempting to add the text…I  can try that when I get back to it.

Too much of a busy couple of days coming up , but I’ll try to get back to it and see what enlightment I can find! Cheers