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Pirkko (#75645) yes, we can now read the text.

Nel (#75654) great work. I love how you used a different shape than the rectangle. And the result is fantastic.

Suzanne (#75663) nice photo. I see a rainbow button in the title, correct?

Teri (#75679) it is a good thing you named your project with the number because I would not have been able to identify it. The main reason I strongly suggest following at least loosely the tutorials is to be able to keep track of the projects, mainly for the random draw.

Liz (#75682) it is definitely easier to read the title now!

Sandy (#75692) glad to see you work on the projects now that lunch is over 😉 You will need to add shadows now, on the photo and the hearts too. I am curious; what supplies did you use? Is it something that you recently downloaded?

Sharla (#75703) it is nice when you added those details to the squares. It makes a statement!

Linda (#75781) because the paper is a little busy, try to add a faint and blurred “shadow” behind your text. It won’t be an actual shadow but will act as a way to separate the text from the paper. Other tips are in this article.

Jean (#75794) with a little practice, you can find ways to change the colors. If you still want yellow but it is too bright, you can tweak that. If you want a different color than yellow, you can also change that. That is the beauty of understanding more tools in your program.

If you are still working on your projects, remember that tomorrow is the last day to post them to be entered in the random draw.