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Susan Ewart
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Here’s my random challenge.  I liked doing this because it was a challenge not to resize or delete stuff and because there wasnt too many elements.  the curly-q was really curly-q-y so I hid most of it.  both photo’s are morning shots, the moon was today.  I dont have a long lens for the moon but it doesn’t stop me from taking the shot.  I think it’s bohemian waxwings that just appeared in the viewfinder so I snapped one off.  The other picture is a sunset from another province (BC) but had birds in the sky to tie it in.  Made masks of the big square and circle, duplicated the mask groups before merging them so I could put a selection frame around it.  gradient on the curly-q.  background paper darkened, and used again for the paint splash but lightened.  Kitty has a bigger shadow, I’m pretending it’s a real cat, but I think I like Bonnie’s “pets” better!  papers from DS and kitty from CF. No title because I used up too much words on this explanation and now I’m all out of words.  I can’t talk/type anymore today….I wonder if that’s why my husband is grinning and doing a happy dance.