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Rene Marker
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I is for Interstate. I-75 specifically. My town has 3 exits on I-75. The main exit (middle one) is to a main road into town that locals lovingly call “Hamburger Row” (actually Bellefontaine St.) since that is where the fast food restaurants were built along with other restaurants. There are some motels in this area as well. Opposite side of interstate at this exit is a truck stop that has been around for longer than interstate. That’s because it was essential to the truckers that traveled state route 33 which runs south of town. The exit south of town is actually to state route 33 which had several exits into town as well. The last exit brings you into the northeast section of town. Depending on which direction I am traveling on I-75, I can use any of the exits. Although I do tend to stay away from “Hamburger Row”. The other two are more convenient for me.

I quite often describe my town as being at the “intersection of I-75 and St Rt 33”.


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