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Mary Solaas
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Pirkko – like what you are doing. Thanks, Carole, for describing those tools for us. It is hard to get hair, strands of grass, etc. extracted when you are extracting from a pic.
This is my take on Lab 8 Mod 3. I wasn’t going to do a layout for this module, but changed my mind. The tutorials were for making a stretch of thread to sew onto something (I decided to make a banner and thread the pieces together); a circle of elements and to, incidently, make a script (which I did); a word with a large outline. I did all of those and multiple copies of the circle: one with flowers (in several colors), and one with hearts (one in red, and one in pink). I used my gradient for the background and blurred it a couple of times and added noise and a texture and then reduced the opacity. The small papers and the elements are my own.