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Susan Ewart
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I was worried about that Carole (losing my settings).  I’ll see how it goes.  I thought something was up because when I open PSP it always has some kind of advertising for PSP then I get the happy lady logo (they are using for 2022).  I used to have to close that first.  Now it comes up and it’s blank (no advertising but the box is there, blank) and I can’t close it using the “X” in the corners.  I was able to check the don’t  show this box and get it closed somehow and haven’t had it come up again.  That started a few weeks ago so I think something is unhappy.  Also, fibre optic is coming to my neighborhood and there is work trucks and linemen around working.  We haven’t noticed a disruption but you never know.  I never uninstalled 2021 so I can use that in the interm if I need to.  2022 really lags even to just click save as, there is a 4-5 second wait time, it used to come up immediately.  Small things like that.  It auto saves way too often, I need to learn if I can make it save less often or have it so I prompt the save.  I did get on Digital Scrapbook and downloaded some water droplets and will play around with them on the layout.  What I did was made a selection of the background paper with the water stains on it, turned it upside down and stuck it on the bottom. 😊