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Susan (#75590) I love those photos! They make me smile. I think that water droplets would surely look great. And by the way, the site is back up. (#75603) Trying to figure out what might have been the issue with your Text tool. When it shows those nodes, it does not work as simply as the Pick tool, although it should not behave like you describe either. That is just odd. After the Bootcamp (or before the end if you really want), you can reset your PSP and see if it would help (but you would lose all your customization, so you might want to wait).

Liz (#75598) you know the drill: practice makes perfect 🙂 (#75605) You seem to be getting more and more comfortable with each project as far as shadows are concerned. (#75639) Your title looks quite busy and hard to read. Maybe you can choose either a solid fill or a solid outline instead of two patterns?

Sharla (#75600) you see how you “felt” that something was wrong when the shadows were missing. Now, when you “feel” the same, I am sure you will pay attention to see how the shadows are.

Ann (#75625) you did a great job with that shape of photo! What is the font of the journaling? It does not look like the Mama font.

Alan (#75627) that is a great way to embellish your title! You used more than one element, and it works great!

Jean (#75630) great layout with Bianca. And will we see more recent pictures of Tilda?

Linda (#75633) you have some nice and friendly visitors!

Pirkko (#75642) you might want to consider adjusting the font size on the journaling because some letters are hiding under the frame.