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Susan Ewart
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Project 5 Day 11.  Sumi on the ironing board.  No iron on the board, I had gone to get it and came back to find her and her sister Saya on the ironing board.  I took advantage of the photo op.  The papers and elements are all Digital Scrapbook.  the font is a windows font (Gills Sans Ultra Bold and Gill Sans MT).  The “O” is Sumi’s eye…and Yup, it’s kinda creepy.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  The flower is two flowers layered on top of each other and then merged.  the title is from the blue rounded rectangle.  I’m not really a fan of crooked frames, I cant seem to make it look okay or part of the picture is cropped off which makes me a bit nutty.  I used Hue/Saturation to changed the color.

I had real issue’s with the text tool today, I’m assuming I did something I didn’t know I did.  After I clicked apply and I have the 8 pick nodes around it, it would not resize at all, I could pull the corner node (set to scale) and it would just snap back to its original size.  I did notice something the tools option bar was odd looking.  I had to change the vectors to a raster to use the pick nodes to change size.  I have being getting odd issues with PSP 2022 ultimate and it’s really lagging a lot.  I think I might go back to 2021 ultimate and keep 2022 for it’s ai tools in case I need them.