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Jean (#75544) those are great photos to showcase. Did Tilda continue the sport?

Liz (#75548) now, I won’t be worried that the wall will fall 🙂 . Just time to add shadows to your papers and elements.

Ann (#75552) it is interesting to hear. I wonder if the Clip-to-It used shading instead of a solid black. It is just “unusual”. (#75566) I am looking forward to spring. Glad you found a way to customize the color of the stripes to suit your need.

Pirkko (#75559) beautiful photos. You could probably add a wide shadow on the flowers to give them volume. It is fun to see translucent ribbons.

Suzanne (#75562) great page. Those scattered elements CAN also be placed on top of the photos for an added effect, as long as they don’t cover the important parts of the photo.

Jamie (#75563) looking forward to seeing your projects.

Alan, (#75572) that bird made me smile for sure. I see you used those corner brushes for a special effect around your paper. I guess it is still based on the “simple” pinking technique!