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Pirkko (#75480), that is a very interesting way to use the three photos at the bottom!

Nel (#75486), great page for your album. Keep it up!

Sharla (#75490), that is great. May I suggest you reduce the shadow on the embellished A because the tiny lines look like they are off the paper when there is an obvious “gap” between the line and its shadow?

Theresa (#75492), welcome to the bootcamp. Even if you are starting late, you should have time to catch up. Looking forward to your projects.

Ann (#75504), I am a bit puzzled. Looking at the shadows, the striped paper LOOKS like it has also a striped shadow. Is that just an optical illusion or something related to the resizing or do you see the same thing?

Alan (#75527), I love those footsteps as they look like dirty boot marks! Perfect for the theme!

Sandy (#75531), Linda replied before me. Copy the tablecloth (Ctrl-C), then on the sandwich image, activate the bottom layer and paste as a new layer (Ctrl-V). Then, you will only have to slide the layer by one, if there is something under the tablecloth layer. Remember that in the Layers palette, you can slide layers by one, or by more; just hold it, slide it toward the bottom, and it should scroll by itself.

Teri (#75532), we’ll figure out the pinked edges tomorrow.

Linda (#75537), to answer your question, the projects are numbered (1 to 5) so the sandwich is a practice but not a project.

Keep them coming!