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Happy Easter (or long weekend, or whatever you celebrate)!

Ann (#75370) they do look like some beads that I had linked to in the past! (#75387) Beautiful eggs.

Suzanne (#75381) you are doing great with the projects. You used the shadows correctly too. That is such a cool photo!

Alan (#75397) those Indian weddings are so colorful. I attended a cousin’s wedding like that and it was a special experience (I was even treated to some henna too). You used very accurate light and shadows. (#75446) Good sizing of the photos on the bottom. Did you use the guides as in the tutorial?

Sharla (#75414) keep us posted on the pears adventure! Crossing fingers that they will flourish!

Nel (#75416) your shadows are better. Make sure that the offset is negative (and zero if you add the “reversed shadow”). With practice, you will find the exact values for your shadows. (#75423) Those shadows are much more realistic!! It is ok if you don’t follow the same theme. And if you are stuck about the language, you can always ask in here. I am sure we have some people who can answer and explain in your language. (and I fixed your funny looking text).

Teri (#75431) glad to hear you are doing well. Any surgery is challenging, in whatever way it is. Take it easy though! Happy to see that you caught the shadows!

Anne (#75433) just like kids, it does not take much to keep them busy! You might want to add some larger shadows on the walnuts as they are likely bigger than the thickness of paper.

We have a lot of registrants who have not posted a single project yet. It is not too late. And remember that if you post your projects, you will be eligible for great prizes!