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Ann Seeber
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Susanne Greth: Nice job! Your color scheme is dear to my heart. It must be my Scandinavian genes! 😉

Here is my Project 2 – My husband and I would go to Pine Island, which is part of Warwick, NY, where we lived for 40 years, to visit Polish friends on Easter morning. Sophie was a village elder and would make us chew raw horseradish with our hard-boiled egg. (blech!) The eggs were beautiful, though.

I got these eggs from the Lamus Dworski Blog

They are very similar to what Sophie had on her Easter table.

The frame is from my .pspframe stash and I changed the color using the Paint to Target tool. My headline font is Wide Latin and the rest is Cooper Black. The horseradish is from and the bunnies are Corel Easter clipart 2021. The background paper is from a kit called AFT-Life-Montage.


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