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Nel (#75322) I would suggest you make your shadows with less blur so they will be more defined. A blurred shadow makes the title a bit harder to read, and we really want to read it! 🙂

Anne (#75325) I love how you put those birds all over the place, behind, on top, etc.

Ann (#75336) although those multicolored elements are “supposed” to be tiny beads, on your layout, they look like Fruit Loops (maybe you can add some noise to them to give them that cereal texture?)

Sharla (#75342) are those birds in your backyard?

Alan (#75348) good catch about the shadow on the doe. You are getting a keener eye now!

Teri (#75354) I hope you are doing ok after the surgery. How did it go? I assume it is a pretty big surgery. Hopefully, this sandwich is going to give you more strength! (#75358) That baby looks so awake!

Susan (#75359) that is a great explanation of all your reasoning for the various decisions you made regarding shadows, bevels and such. I am sure everyone is learning from those.

Pirkko (#75362) I love those two takes on the lesson. That thin uneven frame is delicate and adds a great touch on the page.

Sandy (#75366) that is a good start. Maybe the tablecloth is just in the laundry and you might add it later (if you keep a pspimage format)