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Sandy (#75180) glad that you are getting answers to your questions. Everyone has been a beginner and your questions are certainly helping others.

Nel (#75198) glad to see your first project. If I can offer a suggestion, for the confetti, make the shadows smaller and less blurred because they are small and flat on the paper.

Suzanne (#75213) yes, the sandwich exercise is just an exercise, but it is always fun to share and read the stories that everyone is posting. Your birthday girl project is lovely. You are very consistent with the shadows too. Good job.

Susan (#75218) although the fox is a bit small on this resized version of the layout, it looks like the shadow is correct. What is important is that you actually questioned it instead of just applying a “standard” shadow. By asking yourself the question, it shows that you understand the principle.

Alan (#75227) that is an interesting way to put the title. Not many people use the vertical text! May I suggest that you move the text a little so it would not overlap two different surfaces?

Linda (#75235) I never expected that we would get a “live” event in our projects of the day! 🙂  It is great that you added a piece of solid color for the text. It makes is always easier to read.

I know that this is coming toward the Easter weekend and some might be away from the computer. I will still be around if you have questions. And keep your projects coming!