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Mary Solaas
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And here we are. G is for Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have been here a number of times: 1st was in 1956 with some friends (pictures were in black and white) and we could get out and walk among and on the rock formations; 2nd time was in 2001 by myself and there were restrictions, but I could walk on designated walkways; this was the 3rd time (2021) and again very different from the other 2 times- we went in a tour vehicle with a guide that drove us all through the area. There were walkers and some were even allowed to climb on the rocks as shown in the bottom picture.
All the papers and elements are my own. The narrative on the sign tells some of the story of the Garden and of the area. It’s hard to read, so I’ll post the center layout which was done separately and maybe it will be easier to read.