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Sandy Stevens
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Hi all, I found myself stuck on these…not surprising for a novice, I’m sure! See below my questions as well as Cassel’s reply:

1. Where can I find the minimize button for the sandwich pic?
2. Where do the backgrounds other people have used come from OR how can I add one as a background?

Hi Sandy, the minimize button is not as visible when you have tabbed documents. Go to Window > Tabbed Documents and Uncheck it.

Then you will see something like this…(see uploaded image).

For the backgrounds, people can either use existing patterns in their Materials palette, or they go on various sites to download them. One common site that is used is

You can download up to 5 elements per day for free on that site. You can check under the Graphics, Kits and Commons to find something you like. It is really our go-to site. You have to create an account but it is free.

And if you want, you can also post those questions in the forum as others might also wonder the same thing

Worth sharing! 😁