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Lynda (#75127) It is a perfect time to get those photos off your camera, right? (#75168) Did you make the bacon yourself or did you download it?

Susan (#75144) will you make your own sandwich or will you just eat the parts your husband won’t eat?

Pirkko (#75148) I have all the elements to make a more “realistic” sandwich for this exercise, but I like the “basic shapes” that let you be even more creative! Out of curiosity, where did you get all those elements for your sandwich?

Alan (#75151) maybe you will be able to add that butter and coleslaw later when you get more acquainted with the various tools? As long as you save a .pspimage version, you can always get back to it to tweak the image.

Ann S. (#75157) every time you do the Bootcamp, you create a different sandwich. Maybe you should start a sandwich bar?

Keep those sandwiches coming. You should be getting one email every single day around the same time. If you are missing one email, check your spam folder, and even your deleted folder. If you still can’t find it, drop me an email and I will send you a copy.