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Indeed the weather turned a lot better and I could take the photos I wanted. It’s somewhat crazy to take pictures of the places that are so familiar, you don’t even think about doing so! I made everything from scratch but a template gave me the idea for the mask over the full width of the page.

The letter H is for “Haansberg” which translates in rooster mountain, althought mountain in this case only means a slight rise in the terrain. This little road was once a quiet countrylane with small farms on both sides, now on the righthand side it is the city limits with only some farms left on the lefthand side of the road. Most of them are converted into housing accommodations. At one end of the road is a iron plaque of a rooser and on the other end a small war memorial that the inhabitants of this neighbourhood erected as thanks that their street wasn’t damaged in WWII. There has been heavy fighting in the area.